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I made it home to Detroit, MI safe and sound last night … early enough so that Sarah, her mom and I could catch a showing of Gravity in IMAX 3D They hadn’t seen the movie yet and I was dying to see it again without the technical difficulties and … a great time was had. While I still with the film’s story was a bit more fortified, the special effects space scenes were just as dizzyingly fantastic as the first time (even better, to be honest). Tonight, tho … tonight is going to be a BLAST! My all-time favorite danceparty DORKWAVE is celebrating their 9 1/2 year anniversary at the Corktown Tavern and my friends and I will be there to dance the night away!

I’ve enjoyed many fun nights dancing at Dorkwave and I’m hoping for another such fun night tonight. Dorkwave goes back to the days before hipsters were an annoying joke. Back when things were genuinely cool. A lot has changed in the past 9 1/2 years but I’m happy to see that the Dorkwave party is still going (relatively) strong. I’m so excited! There are a lot of other fun things planned for my visit home but tonight’s Dorkwave danceparty is one of the biggies 🙂 I hope your Saturday is treating you well. Have an amazing weekend!!

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